WOTBB 26 – Clan Relations

Original date of blog: May 25th, 2015

One of the big projects I’ve been working on has finally gotten worked out properly and has gotten off the ground, making me one very happy Penguin. It all started some weeks ago, when I was chatting with Orca. His ideals for the Legion, and the way he runs the Legion, are a lot like mine when it comes to LOCA. This gives us a nice foundation and lots to talk about. That sweet and innocent image I had of him when he first contacted me is completely ruined by now though =’D

Anyway, one of the things we’ve talked about are the relations between clans. As you’ve already read in this blog, those aren’t always positive. And I really want that to be different. Of course, we will all kill one another during Clan Wars and all, but I feel like there is absolutely no reason why people can’t be civil with one another. I don’t care if everyone likes each other or not – that’s personal and up to the players themselves. But when you’re part of a clan, whatever you say or do reflects on that Clan, and I expect my Clan to behave as much as they’re able.

Over time, I’ve apologised to people on behalf of some of my Clan-members for their behaviour. I don’t mind doing that. It comes with being a leader, and I know that incidents will happen. At least I have the decency to take responsibility for my Clan’s actions and offering apologies where needed. I can’t say the same about all the Clans.

People make fun of LOCA on the public Blitz-forum and on their own respective forums. Just because I don’t reply to everything, doesn’t mean I don’t know about it. And so does the Clan. Only, we choose not to respond most of the time because we think it’s petty. I’m proud of the maturity LOCA shows in that aspect. Of course, another reason we don’t respond is because we don’t really care – we will show our worth come Clan Wars, and those that have met us in battle know we’re good.

But the fact that there are actual Clan-leaders involved in the ‘bashing’ baffles me. Every action and every word spoken by a member of a Clan reflects on that Clan. That goes double for Clan-leaders. And I wonder if they realise what kind of example they are setting for their Clans and how it makes their Clans look. But when I thought about that more, I realised, it’s okay. It’s their choice to run their Clans that way. The fact that I would never run LOCA like that does not mean I should expect every other Clan to walk the same path I walk. Different people, different personalities, different ideals.

I’m definitely not saying LOCA and I are saints. No one is, imo. I’ve bashed some people myself over time. And there is one Clan that, due to the actions over time by its leader(s), I’ve very little respect for by now, and that makes it hard to always show respect when talking about them. But I do feel bad about that, because that Clan does have people I respect, and players I get along with just fine. There must be something good about it, for that Clan to have those players. Only, as it is, I don’t see it.

But I am hopeful that the project that’s being launched now will help me understand that, and get to know them better. Them, and all the other Clans. The thing itself isn’t that complicated a plan, and when I first thought of it, I kind of beat myself up over the fact I didn’t think of it before.

The idea? One massive event each month that -all- the Clans on the EU server can join. Orca and I decided to present this as a plan from both the Legion and LOCA together, because I came to the idea while talking to him, and he helped me think things through and work out the rough draft and everything. So it really is our baby, not just mine. And, of course, it looks better when you present a plan for something between clans with already two of the major Clans on board. I’m not going to explain all the details here, as then I’d just be copy/pasting the post I made on the Blitz-forum.

The details are being worked out on the Blitz-forum right now (for those who want to read it: [url=http://forum.wotblitz.eu/index.php?/topic/10684-inter-clan-events/]here it is![/url]), but most of it is set by now. Eleven out of the sixteen clans are in. Two new ones have just appeared on Wotbstars though, so I will need to send out another two messages to see if they’re in as well. Would be awesome. The first big event will be held on June 13th. It will take some effort to make everything work properly and all, but I have good faith that it will be awesome, and that it will better clan-relations all over the place.

And in part, that has already started. I’ve had personal contact with most Clan-leaders by now and that is always a good thing. There’s only three Clans I’ve not yet heard a word from. One of the people I have had contact with is one of the officers (not entirely sure about his rank) of Valiant. He’s one of the people I’ve heard lots of good things about, both from Locadians and other Clans, and one of the players in that Clan I respect.

Ratel seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth for the moment, not sure what’s going on there. I hope he’s alright, but I have to admit the quiet is kind of nice at the moment. And Badger has apparently quit the game, for a period of at least six months because he’ll be travelling. So I’m feeling for the Officer, because he’s likely gotten a heck load more work all of a sudden.

It turns out the Officer actually reads this blog, which was a nice surprise (the way he mentioned it really cracked me up). I’m not yet giving him an alias, because we’ve promised to platoon some time, and I can give him one after that, because as it is, I feel I don’t know him well enough to give him one. He deserves the extra effort.

Either way, I think that the Inter-Clan Events (which never fails to make me get the “Ice, Ice baby” song stuck in my head) will definitely help breed better understanding and proper respect between the Clans. And I do have to give kudos to those Clans that think quite ill of LOCA, for accepting the idea and giving it all a go. It would have been a shame if they had chosen not to participate due to the prejudices that are there.

LOCA had its second event with the Legion last Friday. And because Orca and I planned this one so much more than the first one, it went awesomely. There were only one or two hiccups, and everyone had a blast. We did have as much fun as we should, but the battles were a tad more serious, and that pleased most of those attending. Even when we came to the second part where we usually derp about, we kept most of it serious enough, with the difference that we didn’t hang in separate rooms anymore, but all hung around in the Lobby.

I’m still waiting for my prize for killing Chipmunk three times (one of which was an epic ammo-rack, which even he appreciated). But perhaps just doing that is prize enough on its own. Either way, the event was a great success, and it helped us test some things for ICE as well, so chances are that will go quite smoothly. As smoothly as an event with probably around 100 people can run, of course.

I’m very much looking forwards to ICE itself and hearing the voices of all the people I’ve met in battle or seen on the Blitz-forum. I’m hoping to get rid of some prejudices of my own. It will definitely be interesting. And while it will make us all get to know each other better, it will also help train us for Clan Wars, whenever they will come to Blitz. And, with a bit of luck, by then, the relations between all the Clans will be good enough that we can avoid the massive amounts of drama those things usually breed. We’re better than that. We just have to put in a little effort and realise we’re better than that.

Battles fought: 6,953
Winrate: 63.40%
Average damage: 1,527

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