WOTBB 25 – Aiming High

Original date of blog: May 11th, 2015

So, okay, maybe people have had more/other epic matches or something, but for me, this was the absolute best, and I doubt I will ever see or experience anything like it. I have been dying to write about this game ever since May 1st, when it happened, but haven’t done so because reasons (will explain at the end of the blog).

I was platooning with Buffalo, and we had had some horrid and bad matches, but overall we (or at least, he was) were doing just awesome, and even if I did die during the matches, I was never bored, because watching him drive his E50M is just a lot of fun. He’s earned about 15 Mastery Ace Tanker Badges that day alone, in that tank. And the match I’ll write this about is one such game.

We spawned on the map Mines, me in my lovely T110E3 and Buffalo in his epic E50M. Mines looks like this:

Now, the goal of this map is usually to rush the hill as fast as you can and hold it. Those that do, often win the game. So, at the start of the game, Buffalo rushed in with his E50M, accompanied by some of the team. Usually, I go for the hill too, regardless of the tank I drive, and do my best to support whoever is there, and try to take the hill with them.

Now, for whatever reason, I decided against that. I spawned in green base 1, and I drove over to green base 2 and sat between the two grey areas you see there. This is a perfect spot to camp and support the hill – if the enemy rolls in far enough for you to do any damage at all. I don’t like to camp, but this turned out to be the perfect position for me. Buffalo was on the hill, and was fighting off a M46 Patton. I was aiming across the river at the camping spot, where the enemy Caernarvon was sniping from.

The T110E3 doesn’t do the alpha damage the Monster does, but it does do plenty. I got one shot in… then Buffalo asked for my help with the Patton and I turned my attention back to the hill. I shot the Patton’s big alien-shaped head, and Buffalo took care of him further. I looked back at the Caernarvon and got another shot in before he disappeared from my sights.

This is one of the reasons I hate camping – it basically just means you look left and right and hope for a target. I wanted to move, but held back as the enemy IS-7 and the enemy Monster arrived on the hill, together with their IS-3. They were so focussed on Buffalo and the rest of my team, who were steadily being destroyed, that I managed to get a shot into both Monster and IS-7, while our Object 268, which had been camping right along with me, shot and killed off the Caernarvon.

And then I was suddenly spotted. It turned out that the enemy’s E100 had been flanking, had driven on the other side of the river (straight down from red base 2), and was now entering ‘our’ zone. Which meant that it was time for me to move. I couldn’t let him get to the hill, or all would be lost – I couldn’t expect Buffalo to hold them all off on his own, and an E100 has a big gun. So I took a shot and ate some of his health, then drove down, taking damage from the Monster from the hill, who, thanks to the E100, now knew where I was as well. It hurt.

I wiggled my big butt, but that didn’t stop the E100 from penning me, unfortunately, leaving me with 676 health. This meant I was a two shot for the E100, and a one shot for the Monster. I turned left towards the river, getting out of range of the Monster, but more into the range of the E100. I wiggled again – and bounced the E100’s next shot, which was quite the relief. I shot him again, eating his last bit of health and killing him off.

In the mean time, the IS-3 was still capturing the base, Buffalo was pinned on the hill by the Ferdinand, the Monster and IS-7, and no one in our team had survived this far into the game but the Object 268, Buffalo and myself. I turned back to the hill, trying to drive up it fast enough to stop them from capturing the base. At this time, the Object 268 finally left his camping spot to help. And it was good that he did. While the Monster was turning to face me, the 268 shot past me towards the base.

The Object shot – HE, mind you – at the IS-3 and reset the base when it was at 97 of the needed 100. I was just exclaiming my relief over that on TS with Buffalo when the Monster fired – and killed me off, while, at the same time, the IS-7 shot and killed of the Object 268. That was quite the downer. The IS-3 started capturing the base again.

Now, Buffalo was left alone against the IS-7, the IS-3, the Ferdinand and the Monster. The Monster had relatively little health left, as did the IS-7, but the Ferdinand was still full health, and the IS-3 near-full health. I switched my view to follow Buffalo’s E50M, quite sure the game was lost despite knowing how awesome he is. He only had 386 health left himself, and against four such tanks, one of which being a Monster which could kill him off with just HE instead of AP, I had little hope.

But, as I watched him play, he blew my mind. He steadily shot at the Ferdinand from the middle of the hill. It tried to fire at him, but missed, because Buffalo kept pulling back in time. As the Ferdinand drove up the hill to try and get away, Buffalo made short work of him. Moving back towards the centre of the map, he met up with the Monster and the IS-7, which had been making their way onto the middle of the hill.

As the Monster turned around the corner, the IS-7 behind it with its turret, I thought for sure it was game over. Heart thumping in my throat, I watched Buffalo wiggle and move, and get hit in his tracks by the Monster. No damage done. I’m not sure if I was just encouraging Buffalo with my reactions, or just stressing him out more because the game was so incredibly intense and epic to watch. Buffalo still wiggled, bouncing a shot from the IS-7, and fired his own gun – killing off the Monster.

I thought for sure he’d run away now, for cover and such, but he didn’t. Instead, he went -towards- the IS-7 and drove around it, shooting at it, and bouncing another shot, before killing it. With only a minute and about fifty seconds left he turned his attention back to the IS-3, still capturing the base. While the IS-3 was hiding behind a rock, Buffalo was using one of the many tank-corpses around to hide behind and sidescrape from. They exchanged bouncing shots, before they both got a shot in.

Now, Buffalo had only 40 hp left and the IS-3 a lot more. With just under a minute left, Buffalo approached the base despite the risk, and drove around the rock the IS-3 was hiding behind. He fired at the last enemy tank, damaging it. And I held my breath, knowing the IS-3 would be able to get another shot in before Buffalo was able to fire, and prayed to CoJo that the IS-3 would be too noob to use HE. Apparently, CoJo was listening and blessed us in all his goodness, and I watched as Buffalo bounced another round. Seconds before the end of the game, he fired, and killed off the IS-3, ending the game.

Oh. My. CoJo. What a match! I knew Buffalo had done a hell lot, but I was actually quite shocked when I saw the battle results.



Just.. Wow..! Throughout the game, I hadn’t realised just how much our team had sucked and that they did absolutely nothing, aside from our friend the Object 268. Despite the fact that I died reasonably early in the game, I still did a heck load of damage. I felt like I hadn’t done that much, but the results showed I did quite a lot. That always happens in the E3 for some reason. It’s one of the reasons I love the lug.

But what I did, was nothing compared to what Buffalo did. Both the game play I saw while watching him, the damage he did, the fact he was alone against four tanks with very little health left and won. Just wow, again! It was absolutely beautiful to see him drive, and the result was just awesome. He got yet another Mastery Ace Tanker Badge for it too (and of course, the Walter-Radley for 5 kills and a Kolobanov for standing alone against so many, and a bunch of other awards).

But the funny thing is, we wouldn’t have won if it hadn’t been for the Object 268, who only fired 3 shots throughout the game, missed once, killed one nearly dead tank with one shot, and reset the base with the last. Why he was using HE is beyond me (because a good shot from the Object will do more than twice, if not thrice, the damage in one shot than what this Object did in two shots), but I’m grateful for it now.

Both me and Buffalo needed some time to recover from the match, we were both shaking and both exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. And it was then that I remembered that there was a contest where the goal was to do the most damage in a platoon. I didn’t know if it was still running or not, but heck, doing 11,952 damage together, it was definitely worth looking up. And it turned out to still be going. So, I checked the rules, re-read the rules again, just to be certain, and entered both Buffalo and me for the contest. We didn’t roll out that night again – we knew no game we’d enter that night could ever be that epic, and there was no higher high to end the night on.

And then the waiting game began. My fingers were itching to blog about this game, but I didn’t dare to. I didn’t want to write about entering the contest with this score and possibly jinxing it. But today, the results were posted up. And lo and behold:


Oh. My. CoJo! We won! I’ve been completely hyper ever since seeing it. When I started playing this game, and when I became a part of this amazing Clan, I never once expected to win a contest. Let alone one as epic and as difficult as this one! The price for this contest, while nice, really isn’t something to write home about, but no one can ever take the game itself for us, and the fact that we’ve officially won another big contest with it.

Over time, I’ve seen many of our players do extremely well in contests, and I’m always so very proud of them. Many have earned points or won in the End of Year Competitions, we basically ruled the Smash ‘m All-contest (with Tiger pwning everyone and winning the thing by a complete landslide), and there were never less than 4 Locadians in the top 10 of the Medal Mania competition. And now, we’ve won this one in the higher tiers. Just… Wow.. I feel both proud and excited and at the same time, and I am humbled that I walk amongst these giants – and have been able to contribute to our great name and our great results in all the competitions held on the European server.

I’ve never actively tried to win the contests in the past, but maybe I should pay more attention to it all in the future – and urge my clan on to do the same. Because if we can accomplish these amazing results while just trying for it on our own, imagine what we can do if we work for it as a clan.

Battles fought: 6,212
Winrate: 62.89%
Average Damage: 1,508

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