Welcome to my humble abode!

Well, technically, it’s just a website, but this will be the home of all my blogs. They’ll be mostly World of Tanks Blitz related, but chances are I’ll expand into other subjects over time as well.

My real name is Dieudonnée and I’m a 32 years old woman from the Netherlands. I’m a bit (a lot) of a nerd, and I generally see no reason to act my age.

I’m currently very much addicted to World of Tanks Blitz and creating content for it. So much so that nearly two years ago, in January 2016, in became a Community Contributor, due to my blogging, my youtubing and the fact that I host a monthly countdown event for clans called ICE.

Since then, a lot of things have changed. My blogs have moved house a few times, I restarted my youtube channel, and ICE has evolved in shape and style as well. But I still really enjoy doing all of it.

I wanted a place where I could centralise my content, and since I have been working with wordpress for a while now, this seemed the way to go.

You can find my Youtube over here:
Amaunet85’s Youtube Channel

My Patreon page over here:
Amaunet85’s Patreon

And my Streamlabs page over here:
Amaunet85’s Streamlab

I hope you’ll enjoy what I post here and if not, I’m sure I’m terribly sorry. They’re generally just my ramblings anyway, and I’ve never understood why people enjoy reading them, but they do, so here I am.