WOTBB 24 – ICA, the Second Event

Original date of blog: April 28th, 2015

Nearly a month ago now, I got a very polite and nice message from one of the leaders of the clan called The Legion. It took me quite some time to think up an animal alias for him, and I’m still of two minds about it. But I think I’m going to go with Orca. Anyway, Orca wanted to talk about clan relations and if we could have an event to get to know one another better and reduce some of the tension between our clans.

I had honestly never heard from him before in all the meanings of the word, but I did know the leader of the Legion, Seal, and he’s a nice guy. That, combined with the politeness of the message, made me agree with Orca’s offer. We had some talks over time and put up a poll in either Clan to see if people would like to have an event together at all. Everyone in LOCA was all for it, which was nice. And as we were to include Polish Force in the event as well, we knew it would be a full house, for sure.

So last Friday, it was the day. Some people were a tad early, some a bit late, but when we started, we were with 38 people. And some of the people that had promised to be there weren’t even there. It was incredibly random on the teamspeak server though, with so many people talking at once, and it took some effort to get things organised. Well, as much as you can get organised in a situation like that.

Overall, the event went much like it did with Polish Force. Only, the satisfaction I felt back then, I didn’t feel as much now. And later on, I understood why. This event started with very different expectations on either side. We expected things to be as random and funny as they were the first time around, but the Legion had apparently expected something a bit more, or maybe a lot more, serious.

For LOCA, the idea of these events has never been serious. We mess around in the games, and with each other, and generally have a lot of laughs. But the event I know about that the Legion had existed of seriously platooning together and seriously battling together. Even when we did battle each other now, it really wasn’t serious at all.

I think that, if we had known this from the start, the event would have gone very differently. Either we could have sobered up some and put in some serious effort, or the Legion would have come knowing how random things would be and not be disappointed. I haven’t been told they were – it’s my own interpretation of things. Mostly because of the fact that after just two hours, most of the Legion had already vanished, leaving us with just two of them (amongst them my self proclaimed arch-nemesis). And to me it looked like they just left. But afterwards I understood that things were so busy we didn’t even hear them say goodbye…

But then, even several of PF had already left by then. All in all, there were just too many people there. Which was hilarious, but it didn’t really work. So it’s definitely a lesson for the next time. And there will be a next time – we’ve already planned the do-over. Only that time, we will divide things into smaller groups and make it more clear what’s to be expected from the start.

One of the things I did like though, was that apparently each of the three clans that participated has a girl in them. It took me a bit to realise that the girl I was hearing wasn’t the one I knew about in PF, so I called her by the wrong name a bunch of times (sorry!), because overall, we’re just so rare in the game.

After people started leaving and things quieted down a bit.. a lot.. things got easier. We were still with all three clans, and we met fewer and fewer of ourselves in battle. Some had disappeared into their own platoon rooms, too. My winrate started to go up again bit by bit (events are always very painful to my stats) while platooning with Pug, and we had a blast.

In the end, a bit after midnight, it was just me and Chimp left. We platooned. Which went horribly. We were both tired, and kept noobing. And I drove my horrible Doom Turtle Fail, which didn’t help either. I did manage to get this amazing medal that I didn’t think I’d ever get though – a Lucky medal. It’s called lucky, because it’s sheer luck if you ever earn it.

You get it when someone from your enemy team shoots another enemy and kills it, while you are less than ten metres away from it. In this case, I was facehugging a low health Object 704 in my T110E3. He probably HE’d me and killed himself that way. Since teamkilling got disabled, these medals are very hard to get, so I didn’t really think I’d ever get it.

At around 2 a.m. we decided to call it a night. We had been losing a lot, and even though we did a lot of damage each game, it wasn’t enough for a win most of the time, and that frustrated us both. Overall, my winrate went down 0.1% that night. Auch.

I earned a bit of that back the following day though, when I played for some time with Orca. Which turned out to be absolutely awesome. We didn’t always do well, but oh my CoJo, did we have fun.

This one game, will always be engraved in my mind. Orca declared his love to someone after he said that he owned the game, who replied he only liked girls. So I said I was a woman. Which in turn led to the guy proclaiming his love for me several times throughout the game. Needless to say, I had to kill the guy. Which I did. And had Orca tell him it was because love hurts when the guy asked why (Orca was dead by then, but I was getting a Radley Walter). After the game, the guy added me and asked me to marry him. Which cracked us up so much.

We switched to tier IX instead of X after a while, because for some reason, tier X didn’t work for us. But once we were in IX… Oh CoJo! We pwnd. It was so much fun. I made several video’s of it, and the ones that the app I use for the recording didn’t ruin, I’ve put on the YouTube-channel we have for the Clan now. No idea if anyone would actually watch them, and I’ve never understood why people watch videos of people gaming to begin with, but it’s fun to make them either way.

Overall, it’s been a hectic few weeks, and I’m glad the Legion is open to giving things another go so we can do it right. The mood and fun I had when it was just me and Orca playing, that’s the kind of feeling I want for the next event, the kind of feeling I want everyone participating to have. If you have enough fun, if you have -that- kind of fun, you really don’t care whether you win or lose a game, and every game you enter together will be a joy regardless of the outcome. That’s how it was for LOCA and PF the first time around. And that’s how it will be for the second event with the Legion, I’m sure.

I’m looking forwards to it already =)

Battles fought: 5,903
Winrate: 62.26%
Average damage: 1,478

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