WOTBB 22 – EMT and 8.8

Original date of blog: April 20th, 2015

Last Monday, I started a new tradition. Early Morning Tanking. I haven’t had that much time to tank lately, and though I can go without it for quite a while, I do enjoy the game, and I regret not being able to blast people to kingdom come. The solution? Every morning I have about half an hour where I do absolutely nothing but wake up slowly – perfect time for some tanking.

So, last Monday, I asked for a platoon buddy for just two or three battles (which became four), and found it in the form of Moose. We drove tier X tanks, since they have the biggest guns and often get the most interesting matches that way. We lost the first one horribly (me in the Object 268), won the second (me in the Monster) and third one decently (Object 268), and I had a 5k damage game the fourth (in the Object 268) – absolute victory. It was lovely, and a lovely way to start the day. After a game like that, your mood is just very good.

Tuesday, I figured I’d do it again, and this time, I had Sloth with me. We did three games. And guess what? We lost the first one horribly (268), won the second one decently (Monster), and the third one was another 5k damage game for me in the 268 with an absolute victory. I hadn’t thought that kind of pattern would happen often, so that made me laugh.

Wednesday, no one replied in time, so I went in solo. And… lost the first one horribly (268), had a decent victory the second game (Monster) and had another 5k damage victory as a third match in the 268. Thursday, with Moose with me again, same thing (only it was 4.9k instead of 5+).

Friday, it all fell to ruin. I went in solo, and lost all three games horribly. And it hurt – because two of the games I did 4k damage, but my team was so noob that they couldn’t win even then. So let’s just forget about Friday all together, shall we?

Saturday and Sunday I didn’t get up at a definite time, and definitely not early, so I didn’t do any EMT then. Today, I did again. Moose and I did two games in tier VII and two games in X. We lost one in each, and had epic battles the other two games. I’m really starting to enjoy these EMT, and plan to have them just about every morning, except for when I can sleep late.

I’m curious to see what tomorrow morning will bring.

The last week and a half or so, I’ve been platooning a heck lot with Moose. Aside from being a really nice guy and the perfect support player, he also has the Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8.8 (Ice Queen). And I recently got the Jagdtiger 8.8 (the Countess). Which is exactly the same as the Ice Queen but just doesn’t have the camouflage. So despite the Ice Queen already being in my garage, I had to have the Countess as well. Because it’s a Jagdtiger. And Jagdtiger’s are the sexiest tanks in the game, in my opinion.

Now, one thing you should know is that there is this rating site that keeps track of all the players on WoTB, their winrates, and all the data on the tanks and everything. In the Ice Queen, I’m at number 7 of the top 100 with a winrate of 70.74% after 188 games. But, I figured I could do better than that. In order to get there, I needed to do 100 battles in it, and get as high a winrate in it as possible.

And who better to help me with that than Moose? No one, it turns out. We’ve absolutely rocked most of the battles, and the ones we didn’t win, we still did good. It’s done wonders for my credits too, as the 8.8’s are absolutely perfect credit-makers, which will help buy my next tier X.

The tank has such an amazing reload time, and though it doesn’t do that much damage, it has the accuracy the Jagdtigers are famous for. The armour it has is very good for its tier (tier VIII), and it bounces shells like no tomorrow. And there’s the fact that it has preferential match making – meaning it will never meet tier X unless you fail-platoon it with a tank that will.

It has some trouble against tank destroyers and tier IX, but with some gold ammo, you can take care of those too. And using the very expensive premium ammunition won’t even hurt your wallet – this tank earns so much money per match it’s near impossible to lose in it.

But aside from the players in my clan and the few I know that have it in other clans, I mostly meet noobs driving it. People that bought it because it looks cool, but generally have no idea what they’re doing – while using the 8.8, but also while tanking all together. And that’s a shame. Or is it? Because of it, people really underestimate the 8.8 and all the potential it has. Which means they underestimate me when I’m driving it. And when platooning it with Moose, Ice Queen and Countess together, we make fearsome opponents for everyone we meet.

I managed to get a survivor’s badge in the tank. This, you get when you survive ten battles in a row. I got to fifteen before I eventually killed some match. That’s impressive. For me, at my level, that’s -very- impressive. I still noob a lot, but somehow, most of the times, I manage to do well enough to win my team the game now. And I like that. And though I hate defeat as much as anyone, I like that even if I die and we lose, I usually do around 2k or more damage – which is fairly decent, if not epic. And in this tank, that means I’ve gotten off between 15 and 20 shots and made them count.

Last weekend, I finally got that 100th battle in the Countess, and I am now waiting for the site to update and add me to the list – at number 2 of the top 100 with a whooping winrate of 80.00%. The only one higher than me is Raven, and I’m sure that I can best him eventually, with a bit more help from Moose.

Battles fought: 5,687
Winrate: 62.04%
Average damage: 1,447

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