WOTBB 21 – Battle report 2

Original date of blog: April 20th, 2015

Recently, I’ve managed to get the mighty Doom Turtle (real name: T95). And quite frankly, I hate it. I had enough free XP to get all the parts and the big gun and all that, and used gold to get the crew to 100%. I’ve platooned a lot with players who were driving the Doom Turtle and had so been looking forwards to getting it. It’s just one big disappointment to me. I reckon that when I get enough XP in it for the T110E3 I will probably never drive it again. Heck, I might use the remainder of my free XP just to be rid of it sooner >.>

But, in order to get the needed 290k XP, I do need to drive the thing. I’m not even that bad in it or anything. I just hate the tank… But sometimes, driving it leads to an epic battle. One of which was epic enough to blog about, imo. I was driving with Lyrebird at the time, him in the mighty ST-I, and me in the Doom Turtle Fail. The map we got was Black Goldville.

Black Goldville is one of my favourite maps. It’s very diverse. The base is situated in the middle of it, in a crevice. On one side of the map you have a cave system, and on the other side, you have a city of sorts. Now, you can snipe the cave from the city and the other way around, but in order to get at whoever might be in the base, you need to go -to- the base.

Keeping this in mind, I went to the city-side, because the DTF is too slow to get to the base in time if I were to go to the caves and then had to go back to prevent the base from being captured. And with a bit of luck, I would be able to do some proper sniping from there too.

Halfway to the city, with a T34 pushing me so I’d be a little bit faster, we met a T54 that had cut straight across the map to meet us. We made short work of him very easily – I didn’t even get a single shot in him before he died.

Four members of our team had gone towards the caves, and they were being slaughtered very nicely, while Lyrebird, the T34 and myself pushed through town. We met an enemy Tiger (P). Luckily, he hadn’t thought to encounter us either, so while my pusher and Lyrebird damaged him, I killed him seconds later.

Somewhere around here, the guy pushing me died, and I didn’t even notice. Lyrebird had gone up on the other side of the crevice, to go help at the caves. I continued through town… still… I turned when I reached a position where I could do some sniping and while I did so, shot at a fleeing T20 that died because of it. But an enemy T54 shot by me, disappearing into town. Seeing as I had already been damaged by then, I figured I was doomed. I turned to follow him, and got very, -very- lucky.

First, the guy noobed, thinking it was a good idea to play peek-a-boom in a T54 instead of flanking me and firing a bunch of rounds in my bum until I was dead, which is what mediums usually do. Second, when he did the peeking, I ammo-racked him. Instant death for the T54, 1,600 HP gone in one shot. At that point, Lyrebird said that that won us the game. I wasn’t so sure, because we still had a T30, a Tiger II and a Panther II to content ourselves with, and the rest of our team was pushing daisies by then. And of course, I doubted we’d be victorious because I’m such a noob in the DTF.

The T30 turned out to be sniping in an excellent sniping position between the two spawn points of the enemy team. I sat there, facing him, waiting for him to show himself, while Lyrebird danced with the Panther II. I was a one-shot for the T30, and I didn’t want to show him my sides, but at Lyrebird’s insistence, I took the chance and turned. One shot – bye Panther II, who had been so focused on Lyrebird he apparently forgot about me and the massive gun the DTF has.

We turned on the T30 then, and I managed to HE him on the head which stuck out above the rocks just a little bit. Another very lucky shot, and Lyrebird managed to kill him off. Now, with just over a minute left, that left us in a pickle. We didn’t know where the Tiger II was, and I was too slow to get anywhere. There was no more time to capture the base either.

We did the only thing we could do. Lyrebird went out to hunt, and I sat there, in the useless DTF. We again turned out to have the devil’s own luck. Lyrebird spotted the Tiger II, and shot it. He hadn’t used his adrenaline yet (meaning you reload your gun faster), and he used it then. It’s what saved the match. I sat, watching the data through the rocks that left me unable to help in any way, as Lyrebird shot, and shot.. and the Tiger II bounced absolutely nothing. Lyrebird even rammed the poor guy, but that didn’t kill him either. There was no time left…

Three… Two… One… Lyrebird shot once more – and killed it! Wow..! Just.. WOW! We won the match!

I did 3,761 damage and made four kills. Lyrebird did a cracking 4,443 damage and made two kills. To compare; the rest of the team did 2,146 damage all five combined and had one kill between them…

The battle was filled with ‘if’s’. If the first T54 hadn’t cut through town and met instant death, we might have lost. If I hadn’t ammo-racked the second, we might have lost. If I hadn’t managed to HE the head of the T30, if the Panther II hadn’t suffered from tunnel vision, if Lyrebird had already used his adrenaline, if I hadn’t managed to bounce 7 of the 11 shots fired at me, etc.

But, luck or not, it was an epic game, very intense, especially since it lasted the full seven minutes, and we still managed to get a win out of it. I love battles like that the most. I just prefer to have them in a non-Fail tank. Having Lyrebird with me more than made up for having to drive the DTF though =)

Battles fought: 5,687
Winrate: 62.04%
Average damage: 1,447

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