WOTBB 63 – Autoloaders

Original date of blog: February 16th, 2017

Hy all!

For this entry, I’m going to stick with the subject Autoloaders, and because it was requested with my intro, I’m adding in some vids that fit the subject too. Since I last wrote about tanks (outside of this page, on my old blog), we’ve gotten quite a few new ones in the game, both premium and non-premium. And amongst them is a line of autoloaders – the first whole line of them that we’ve gotten in Blitz. Of course, we’ve always had them in the low tiers, and the little pew-pew guns could, for me, be reason not to like the tanks. When I have the option, I very often choose the non-autoloader gun, as I’m just not a fan of autoloaders.

This has mostly to do with the fact that after every shot/burst, you need to aim again, and it makes the chance to miss your target very big, because you’re just hitting the fire button repeatedly to get as much damage as quickly as you can without standing out in the open too long. My accuracy in battles is something I pride myself on, and I hate wasting shots. So, it stands to reason that the pew-pew guns go against my style of tanking. I still drive them, of course, Kenny first and foremost.

For the Non-Blitzers; the Ke-Ni Otsu is a Japanese tier III premium tank. It has a four-shot clip. Doesn’t sound too impressive, does it? But here’s the thing. The Kenny was supposed to have a clip reload of 9 seconds, only because of an error in the programming, it has a 3 second clip reload instead, making the thing completely OP. As soon as this was discovered, Wargaming took the little beast out of the store, but they promised not to nerf Kenny, saying that not enough of them had been sold in the few hours they were available to drastically impact tier III matchmaking. So, when after a night of high tier gaming I want to cool down and end the night on an assured high, I tend to take out the Kenny and go for a few spins.

I have no tank in my garage with as many Raseiniai medals as the Kenny (8 out of the 17), and this certainly never happened in other tanks:

It’s impossible not to love that monster, whose current enemies in the game only exist in the forms of Matilda’s, PZ II J (the Anti-Kenny), and generally Hetzers, Valentine II’s and D.W.2’s aren’t fun to meet either. But the rest stands little chance.

But like I said, at the end of November we also got a line of tanks that completely has autoloaders. Before then, the only high tier autoloader we had had was the IS3-Defender (called IS3-A on PC), and though it was interesting, that’s not really a tank I like. The reload of the clip combined with the reload of the shells is too annoying imo, and though the armour is pretty great, against a good player, or at least a player that knows how to Prammo you, you’ll stand little chance in a one-on-one situation, let alone a Kolobanov situation. So, when the update came and we got the T57-Heavy line, I was very skeptical.

Until I logged into my press account and started driving the thing. I completely adored it. The first game I drove in it, I aced it. Now that’s not that hard considering it was literally only in game for about 4 hours at the time, but I had a pretty decent game that showed me both strengths and weaknesses about the tank, and I aced it with a high caliber medal, despite the many bounces I had, so I was pleased. So, after driving a few more rounds to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and that I really did like the thing, I hopped back onto my own account and free-xp’d the whole line (what else is free xp for, right?). [Read more…]

It’s a choice I still haven’t regretted. Yes, I will need to get the other tanks eventually, drive them too and enjoy them just as much, because I enjoyed testing most of the tanks in that line, but I didn’t want to wait until I had had the time to grind the whole line before getting the T57 Heavy. It took me 19 games to ace it on my main account, and frankly, that was more than I expected. I know that makes me sound incredibly arrogant, but I don’t mean it as such. That way of thinking comes from two things: the tank was still new, so generally would be easier to ace still than when more and more people got it, and because the tank drives a heck lot like the E5, which I consider my soulmate reincarnated in a tank.

And that bit is what made me re-think my opinion on autoloaders for the high tiers. The T57 Heavy really is just like an E5 in most aspects (for me, at least, and especially in the way I drive it). In tier X, where I thought having an autoloader would be a very big weakness, this tank thrives perfectly. It doesn’t feel sluggish or annoying like the IS3 Defender does, despite the long reload of the clip. In the T57 Heavy the autoloader is a strength rather than a weakness. But, of course, you do need to be more careful, watch your surroundings more and take care that the enemy can’t just rush you when you enter your reload.

With this, it does help that most enemies are potatoes and can’t count to three, so never know when you’re out of shots, and you can troll them by peeking out as if you’re about to shoot them. But if you are facing people that know what they’re doing, it pays off to play a little carefully and to hold back a bit. You do have a lot less armour for this tier when compared to the Defender for its own tier, but you also have more mobility and troll armour that you can combine to make your tank very strong indeed. It wasn’t until last week that I finally got around to uploading my two ace-games in it, in a sort of review-form.

Personally, I’m just glad that my impression of the Defender isn’t something that goes for all high tier autoloaders. With this line, I’m actually looking forwards to seeing more high tier autoloaders, because they’re interesting. In the good sense of the word, mind you, not the British sense of the word.

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