WOTBB 62 – Valiant Effort

About every month, we get an update of the game. And something is always broken in it. Sometimes it’s little things, like the Victory being given a heavy icon instead of a medium icon. But most of the times, it’s nothing little or unimportant, but massive things. And sometimes the game isn’t literally broken, but it’s still broken, so to speak.

We’ve had issues with the shell-damage of a tank not being correct anymore, for instance, and who could forget the Invisible Tanks glitch, where every battle it’d be a surprise whether or not you’d see the enemy – and more importantly – whether or not they could see you.

Not all broken things are bad of course. There’s the Kenny, which was supposed to have a 9 sec reload between clips – but only has a 3 sec reload instead, making it the most evil little tank to ever have existed and my favourite little sealclubber. Or how, between one update and the next, they broke the credit-system of the Shinobi, making it incredibly profitable – and at tier V, it’s not had to make it worthwhile. Wargaming has said they won’t nerf either, but neither will be on sale again.

The first time I ever wrote about Wargaming ruining the game, was right after the update of December 5th, 2014 – The Day the Noobs Came (or: when WG opened the game to Android). It was much like how it was when WG opened the game to Windows 10/pc. Lots of new players, that had no clue what to do or how to play, getting prem tanks up to tier VIII or goldnoobing their way to tier X, without even knowing the difference between the front or rear end of their tanks. And WG offered lots of experience bonuses, which meant that even the noobs that didn’t goldnoob (much), would advance quickly to tiers they’re really not ready for.

And then we got the most recent update.

It was very promising from the start; somewhere between the previous version and the new one, most players had been deleted somehow – meaning they couldn’t log in, and their accounts couldn’t be found in the game. This wasn’t the case for everyone – my press account and reroll worked just fine, but my main had vanished altogether. It took them quite a bit of the day to get that solved, and we needed a micropatch to solve some of the other issues we got. Then there was the fact that the Gun Laying Drive no longer shortened your aiming time by 10%. Instead, it -added- 10%.

But all of this wasn’t what’s taken the fun out of playing for me right now. That would be the Valiant Effort.

As of the last update, it is possible to ace tanks on a loss, by an xp compensation called Valiant Effort. This, in itself, is grand, and I’m all for it. But this wasn’t tested properly beforehand, and the amount of bonus xp you get on a loss that’d get you an ace is exuberant. It’s completely insane. Yet it’s added to the xp you need to overcome in order to ace your tank all the same.

This means that in effect, it’s now nearly impossible to ace your tanks on a win. You can get a 7k damage game in tier X, with a ras, without camping, and still get only first class. It’s actually better to throw the game and lose, and get an ace, than it is to win. Because in that same tank, a 4k damage, 4 kills game can get you an ace as long as you lose. And that’s completely ridiculous imo. It’s also frustrating as heck.

Since the update, I’ve had a few tier X games that would have been aces, had it not been for the fact that I won, and they would have been aces on a win had the Valiant Effort thing not been there. I play for aces – for me, that’s the highest achievement I can get in a game and it makes me feel proud. But I refuse to throw a game to get there. The fact that I even have to consider it doesn’t sit well with me at all.

People get new XP records left and right – the highest number I’ve seen so far being 3,568 xp. And no, that is not a double. That’s for one battle. It’s completely nuts. And once again, I’m wondering why WG doesn’t test these things properly before just throwing it into the game.

It’s really taken the fun out of the game for me. I can still play, but then I see someone lose, and get an ace with such ridiculous compensations and I just want to stop playing. I’m happy they get aces, don’t get me wrong, but all of it is just so twisted, so wrong. It’s too much. I don’t like having to consider throwing a game to get an ace and I find that I really can’t get myself to do it either.

So since it became apparent just how twisted and wrong this update is, I’ve been playing very little. Whenever I think “hey, let’s play!” and I load the game, I often check discord, and when I see the Valiant effort results there, I’m immediately cured and close the game again. Likewise when I’m playing and I see someone getting it. Most of the time it’s not even deserved, or at least, the valiant effort might be, but not the insane amount of xp that comes with it isn’t, as that’d usually be an instant ace medal.

The Valiant Effort thing has great potential, but not in the way it works now. The trick is figuring out how it would work well. Obviously, the multiplier used to get the bonus xp for Valiant Effort right now is very much off the mark. And I don’t think it should just apply to losses – what would make an effort any less valiant if you get a draw instead of win, or a loss? If they’re going to compensate so you get due rewards no matter the outcome of a battle, draws should be a part of that too, imo.

I know I’m not the only one feeling like this at the moment. Technical issues I can deal with, but like I said, this just draws the fun right out of the game for me, and makes it feel completely useless to try and play, as even if you do epic, you’ll get nothing for it – unless you lose on purpose. As it is, I’ve dusted off my consoles, and am enjoying playing games on those quite a bit more atm.

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