WOTBB 28 – Platoon Rating

Original date of blog: June 11th, 2015

No, you’re not missing a number. There is a blog numbered 27. Only, due to its contents, I kept that one within the Clan itself. So, onwards to 28! In this blog, I’ll be spilling my thoughts on the whole platoon rating thing.

Last week, I was platooning with Buffalo, who was helping me grind the T28 Prototype (love love love, but more on that another time). We were in a tier IX match, on Falls Creek, with a suicidal T54 that flanked the bridge and wanted us to come over it straight into the line of fire – not to mention that we were too slow to do it as fast as he wanted us to do it. So, he died a horrible death. And then went on a verbal abuse spree towards the team.

When I died, I talked to him about his misdirected abuse, which he didn’t appreciate. At some point, he said that he bet his ratings were better than mine. Getting very close to 64%, I was happy to take that bet, and I said that when he did he checked my stats, I expected an apology from him. Likewise, if his were better than mine, I’d apologise to him. A fairly useless bet, because stats say nothing about a person’s character, as his behaviour was already showing.

So, after the battle, I checked his stats. His winrate was 63.87%. Mine 63.95%. I won. Only, the arse didn’t want to apologise after all, because the difference between us was marginal (his words). But really, that doesn’t mean anything, because a deal is a deal. Oddly enough, he didn’t appreciate me commenting that aside from being an arse, he also broke his promises.

He got all defensive, saying he wanted to know what my platoon rating was, because if it was high, it meant he was a better player. Now, there’s something I really disagree with. I carry my toonmate as often as they carry me and I told him so. And that just because I like platooning and platoon a loHe went on about that I should check wotbstars and such, and kept trying to get me to say that he was a better player than I was.

But, apparently, while he was trying to get me to fall down on my knees and worship them, he was also checking my stats – and found LOCA, because, all of a sudden, he talked to me about wanting to join my clan, and suddenly apologised for his verbal abuse, if not his behaviour overall. Luckily, he didn’t meet our requirements to begin with (too few battles), and I explained nice and calm that if I were to invite him despite that, I would have to vouch for his character – and that with the way he had been, even if he was a lot calmer and more polite right then, I really couldn’t do that. Never got a reply to that, and never heard from him again.

That conversation did make me think though. Am I a worse player because I platoon a lot? And I keep coming to the same conclusion: no. Yes, I know I’ll have a pro at my side, and will thus have more of a chance to win, but if you don’t platoon, teammates can save you too. Only, with the average winrate being around 45%, there’s not that much hope for you. So in a way, playing in a platoon means playing it safe(r).

Playing in a platoon makes me a team-player. It means I count on someone to be there, and it means I count on someone to do a good job. That does give me a weakness though. Because I count on someone to do a good job, it usually means that when I solo, I die pretty quickly, because noobs. But does that make me a worse player just because I function better in a team? I don’t think it does.

Because of the fact I’m in a Clan, I think the fact that I platoon so much only helps me become better. Come clan wars, people who are awesome when they solo, are fairly much useless. You need a team that functions and battles as a team, not as a bunch of individual players that just happen to be on the same map together. You need players that support one another, and know what’s expected of them, that will anticipate things judging by the movements of both the enemy team and their own team, instead of just the enemy team.

Think of it like this; the reason Die Mannschaft does so well in soccer championships (I may be Dutch, but I do respect the Deutsch players 😉 ), is because none of them are there just for themselves. When you see them play, you see that they’re a team, and they function as one. The guy that passed the ball to the guy that makes the goal may have taken the shot himself, but the other had a much better chance, so the pass is a better choice. And it should be the same in clan wars.

But, I’m drifting off. I think whether or not your platoon rating makes you a better or a worse player, depends entirely on the kind of player you are, and what your goal in the game is. For me, that’s having fun together with my Clan, because I find the game isn’t half as much fun when I’m alone than it is with one of my chicks by my side. So, in my eyes, my high platoon rate makes me a better player, not a worse one and is merely a result of me enjoying the game.

Without the option to platoon, and without the Clan, I would have stopped playing this game a long time ago. It would’ve gotten very boring for me. With the platoons, and especially now with teamspeak and everything, every match is fun and exciting, win or lose. And if people look down on me for platooning so much, that’s their problem, not mine. I’m having fun playing a game. And isn’t that what games are for? =)

Battles fought: 7,067
Winrate: 64.04%
Average damage: 1,545

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