WOTBB 70 – Prammo Discount

Original date of blog: August 4th, 2017

Up until yesterday, I didn’t really look into the prammo nerf that much. I liked the idea that prammo would be cheaper and that people would be more picky about when to use it, because it’d do less damage than regular ammo. So it looked like a win-win-win situation to me.


With an average discount of 20%, it sounded just wonderful, and I remember that the night before the update, I sold all my prammo, and rebought it the next day – which did earn me well over a million credits (as I’m a proper gold noob). And though some tanks are dependant on their prammo vs some tanks (think vs Maus or IS7 for instance), overall, I do think the nerf makes people think about their type of ammo more.

In the end though, if you have to use it, you have to use more of it, which basically makes it more expensive again so that negates the discount, so I still feel it’s a bit of false advertising when they say you’ll save credits, but yeah.

But then, yesterday, I ended up talking to Acrisis – a friend of mine from the NA server who’s always paying rapt attention to things, and who likes to do his research. We’ve worked together before when the profitability nerf came about. In this case, he’d been keeping track of the supposed prammo discount. And he pointed out to me that there were quite a few tanks whose prammo hadn’t gotten much of a discount – or no discount at all.

Now this got my attention. It wouldn’t be the first time that Wargaming isn’t entirely honest with us – take the E25 birthday cammo for instance, which was advertised as being sold as a one off (which, when pointed out, was said to have regrettably been worded wrongly), but has since been in the store, with no compensation made towards the people that bought it the first time.

Acrisis had addressed the fact that there were so many tanks that had gotten no discount with Wargaming on the NA forum before, and this was the reply he’d gotten:


You can read the full thread of it here.

Either way, Acrisis had a marvellous spreadsheet that held nearly all the old prammo costs, but still missed quite a few of the new prices. So, since I have a press account that has pretty much all the tanks on there, I agreed to help Acrisis out and fill in the blanks. And that’s what I did this morning. The result was, quite frankly, shocking.

Some tanks weren’t yet in the game when the ‘discount’ came about, so they’ve not been taken into account, and of 10 tanks we don’t know what the old prammo price was. But of all the tanks on which the data is complete, there’s 114 tanks that didn’t get a discount at all. And yet, they -all- got the damage nerf. As for the average discount, 11.34% is the new 20% apparently. Even if you go by median rather than average, you’re still well over 6% short of 20%.

The fact that WG has already stated, as shown in the screenshot above, that it will not be fixed, is disturbing, imo.

You can view the full list here.

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