WOTBB 47 – Toxic

Original date of blog: December 16th, 2015

I actually had two other blogs lined up, but in the light of current events, I think that this is a much better one. The contest results haven’t been announced yet anyway, and my overly epic game isn’t going anywhere, so I can always write about those later. But considering what happened Monday, this is a much more interesting topic.

Monday, Phoenix went Toxic.

This game is full of colourful people. Aside from the generally rude people that call you noob, moron, idiot, you have the ones that tell you to get cancer and die in various languages, to get a life, or to go to women. That last one always cracks me up especially, because when I tell them I’m not actually a lesbian, most of the time, they don’t understand what I’m saying. Most colourful people like that though, aren’t in any clan I know and respect. And when they are, and their behaviour becomes the general behaviour of a clan, that’s when I lose all respect for them.

Now, there have been little incidents between the Legion and Phoenix over the last couple of months. Nothing too noteworthy, but enough to be annoying. On both sides, I might add. The Legion has a tendency to invite just about anyone into one of their many in-game clans, but when that is pointed out, they get angry. Filip made sport of that a few months ago, and that really wasn’t appreciated. Mini drama, basically, and ever since then, Filip and I and the Legion have had problems.

Last week though, the level of annoyance between Phoenix and the Legion reached a climax when one of their members accused us of rigging games for the contest. Considering we’re all appalled and disgusted at clanturk doing that, I’m not quite sure how stupid they think we are, if they think we’d even consider that. If anything, we’ve been focussing very hard on killing each other asap the moment we meet up just to avoid any sort of rumour like that.

But no, this guy was sure we were rigging matches, had names and said he had screenshots and that he’d send in a ticket. But, when asked for said screenshots by Dimi so he could give them hell if it were true, EmmaTCS couldn’t provide them. More importantly, the two he accused of rigging were actually in a platoon together at the time. So yeah. Totally illegal to talk about enemy positions then, and any shooting you do at each other does -so- much damage. #sarcasm. A delightful conversation between the guy and Dimi followed, and we were reminded of why exactly he’s the leader. He doesn’t take crap like that from anyone. (The conversation got a chapter 2, when for some idiotic reason, Emma thought the convo had ended because he scared Dimi off, lmao) Later, the story changed into it having been another battle and that he “lost” the screenshots. I don’t know about you, but that sounds -totally- plausible to me.

As a result of that accusation, and that conversation, the alliance between Phoenix and the Legion was officially ended that night. There’s just no way you can say that about a fellow clan, especially not one you supposedly stand together with, without anything to back it up – worse, without it even being true.

So when, late Sunday evening, the Legion made a topic on the Blitz-forum named “Phoenix wrecked by Legion”, I wasn’t entirely surprised. Hurt egos will be hurt, after all. The topic existed of a link to a YouTube video that basically shows a game where Filip died very quickly in his 183 as his team left him behind and he faced Tomas on his own after Tomas pushed his teammate into the line of fire, which left Filip with a very long wait to reload and a fast reloading med killing him off. All in all, not a bad game. And the game really isn’t the issue.

The issue was that with that title, they insulted the clan itself, and didn’t just congratulate their own victory. That being said, I’m a bit overprotective over Filip (just a bit… really..), and things between Filip and the Legion were -known- to be edgy, by both clans so they really should have known better and I’m quite sure they knew -exactly- what they were doing when they posted it. Dimi at first wanted us to hold back and not react. But we have a bunch of awesome spammers, and it was pretty quickly decided that that would never work. The forumers expected no less of us either, judging by the first reactions to the topic.

I have nothing against showing off a good game. When I beat someone I respect and do so in a way that makes me feel I did good, I show it off too. Only, I can do that in a way that both shows I’m proud and that I respect the player I beat in question. I don’t talk down on said player for it. The fact that this was disrespectful was what ticked me off. As we all know, I’m big on manners. I’ve had a similar conversation on Facebook a few weeks ago. And it’s always funny that when you make a problem out of it, things were suddenly meant as banter. Uh-hu. Sure. I’d believe that.. but, shucks, what do you know? I have braincells.

Either way, the posting of that video started a shitstorm. Like all storms, it started quietly, with mostly some little mocking and insults back and forth, with a touch of sarcasm and ridicule to boot. Only one or two players were actually being insultive towards one another, on both sides. Now, even with the drama slowly hitting the fan, things didn’t have to be absolutely horrible. But then Emma arrived. Yes, the same guy that thought we were rigging because we dared platoon together during the contest. That’s when the real drama started. He started insulting people on a personal level, such as saying that the reason Filip is so good is because he has no life and that he chooses the game over his real life and family. And with him, came Dylan (The_Masked_One), who I used to respect, but more on that later. From then on, things got a lot more heated.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that the original poster decided to say that he did this as a ‘good deed’ to help the community. Yes, after realising that this really wasn’t going the way he had intended it, it was a very good idea to name the whole video and sharing of it a ‘good deed’ (I apologise. I’ve since turned very toxic, and my sarcasmlevels are off the scale). By now, we had reached page 8 of the topic, and Emma said the legendary words “So did I, until I had the ‘joy’ of pm’ing B2B regarding some of his players who I saw rigging (unfortunately I didn’t have any photos, but i told him nonetheless.) Lets just say he’s a very toxic bloke in person”

Yes, you read that right. He’s referring to our platooning people again! Shame on them for playing together! And that brings us back to the topic of this blog.

The drama topic btw, is available for reading here.

In the end, it became 15 pages long, before BBV closed it – without telling anyone off anywhere, I might add.
The most noteworthy thing said in it, imo, after the Toxic comment, is Emma stating that someone from Phoenix told him “get cancer Legion”. As per usual, Dimi asked for a screenshot and names. Now, the name he got already made us suspicious, since Geordie is one of the gentlest souls in our clan. So when asked, the reaction was a clear “I’d never do that!” And we had no reason not to believe him.

But then Emma send an actual screenshot of it being said. Only, the screenshot seemed off. Too dark, too poor quality and the font was off by a margin. All in all, it didn’t look legit. Now, this is where, albeit grudgingly, I have to give Tomas some respect. He pursued the issue and found out that the image was indeed photoshopped. So, aside from telling us we were rigging the contest because we platoon together, he was also photoshopping images to make it look like a perfectly respectable person would say something awful. Yes, he’s a true gem. Little shithead has since left the Legion, but the damage to the Clan he represented has definitely been done.

Now, remember that Dylan I mentioned before? That’s the guy that used to be with me in loca. The teenager that used to be my wotb-son (see my blogs in the very beginning). He once threatened to visit Spinee and kill him and his family. He left loca after I blew up at him for being a very big moron (I had just told everyone I would be taking a step back and focus on fun and hosting ICE when he came and asked “what will happen to ICE then?” Yeah.. Considering half the problems I had with the clan at the time were related to lack of interest and people not reading things that did not go down well). His reaction to my telling him off was leaving loca altogether. Haven’t heard a word from him since.

Dylan has always been a troublemaker and a typical teenager. That doesn’t have to be bad, but in this case…? He was one of the most fervent Legionnaires posting in the shitstorm. And then suddenly, he was on our ts, playing with our Emil. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem, but with him saying the things he did, it was. I logged on and entered the room. The literal words I got were “Oh shit, it’s -her-” with the latter word being said none too flattering. We were joined very rapidly by some of our other clansfolk, with Slava asking what the f he was doing there. He and Emil were in battle at the time, and we decided to give them that battle before Dylan had to answer for himself.

Then Dimi joined us too and basically gave Dylan a choice. Leave voluntarily, or leave forcefully. And told him to go f himself. Dylan said he didn’t care, so it became forcefully. And then Dimi revealed that Tomas had told him that Dylan was actually there to do some prep-work to come and ruin ICE this Friday. That he actually left the Legion in-game so he could do that. Omg I was so angry. Attacking the Clan (or anyone in it) is one thing – the whole clan will react and defend itself, but going after my ICE? Heck no! That’s something I won’t tolerate, or forgive. I was very close to just banning the whole of Legion from ICE then and there, just so I would be able to ban their asses and keep them from even touching ICE ever again. But that wouldn’t have been fair to the legionnaires I -do- like, nor to Tomas, who went out on a limb for us, something I have to really give him credit and respect for (makes it hard to keep disliking him for previous stuff).

Now, back to the topic of this blog. Emma said the legendary words, and named Dimi toxic. This was made fun of by Dimi in his replies in the topic, and when he and José were talking about it all on Skype he joked that he should change his name to Toxic2toxic. José’s reaction was “dooooooo iiiit! Do it nowwwww!” And so he did. And since Phoenix is very much a “one for all and all for one” clan, we decided it was generally a good idea to change our names to match that of our clan-leader. I was travelling home by bus at the time. I got some very strange looks because I was laughing so incredibly much at all that was being said in Skype and all the names changing – and what they were changing into. At least 11 of us (last time I counted them) have gone Toxic now, for at least a month. Dimi was actually the one that came up with my own: Toxic_mistress. It sounds kinky and funny and so bad. Cracked me up to no end and I’ll wear the name proudly for several weeks. It was the best reaction to it all we could have possibly given as a clan, and we did it because it made us laugh.

This clan never seizes to amaze me. I stay out of drama for the most part – I feel it ruins the atmosphere, but I definitely have an opinion on things – they rush headfirst into it and like a bulldog, they bite into it and won’t let go until they decide they’re done. The family feeling is tremendous – like I said last paragraph; if any one Phoenixer is attacked for whatever reason, whether he provoked anyone or no, Phoenix stands with its clanmate. And when idiots disrespect the Clan, lie and try to make us look bad, we laugh in their faces and we go Toxic.

P.S. And if anyone ever goes after my ICE, I’m releasing the whole damn rabid pack on their asses.


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