WOTBB 45 – The Longest Grind Ever

Original date of blog: November 22nd, 2015

In all seriousness, I’ve been grinding this line on and off since I first started playing this game. I started with the German tech-tree at the time, and as such, I had the td-line upto and including tier IV, and the same with this line. The reason I didn’t continue down it at the time was because I absolutely hated the Durchbruchswagen 2. The only tank I hated even more at the time was the VK 30.01(H), but I think that has to do with the fact that it came after the DW2 and sucked just as much.

After getting my E5, I still didn’t feel particularly motivated to get a medium next, mostly because I feel I don’t have the skill for that, so I wanted another heavy. The E100 became my tank of choice, since so many OP players I know have it, so I figured it had to be a good tank. That is to say, it’s a tank I know will not be of much use in ICE or clan wars – it gets golded so much and so easily. But for general battles, it seemed like a lot of fun.

Like all German lines, it starts with the Leichttraktor, which I have a lot of fun with. I love tier I, to be honest. People have absolutely no clue how to play for the most part, and if you fail, it’s pure luck if your team wins. It’s hilarious. The same goes for tier II, but I dislike the Pz.Kpfw.II mostly because of the autoloader. After ever salvo, it wants to aim anew. The tank is absolutely horrible for your hitratio. So I’m not a fan of it. The tank that came at tier III though…. Oh my..

The Pz.Kpfw.IIIA is the tank I got my ras’ in. Well, it’s the tank I earned them in, at least. All three of them. It’s not even that good a tank, but apparently, I’m just pretty good at it. And to think, I only started playing that tank again to get my ratings up a little. It’s now one of my favourite tanks in the game, and one of my main sealclubbing tanks. It’s fast, it’s mobile, has little to no armour, but if you fully abuse the first two, not much can or will kill you.

Then came the DW2. As I said, I absolutely hated it. Well, compared to the Jackson and the T95, hate is really much too big a word. I died a lot in it, didn’t manage to do a single thing in it. Months, well, just under a year, later, I gave this tank another go. Aced it on my first try. And that made me like it again. Before I dropped to tier I and III, I used it to sealclub, because it was one of those tanks that I did well in while going solo. It’s not that the tank has gotten any better. I’ve just become a better player, and understand what I need to do in a match.

The same goes for the tier V tank of the line, the VK 30.01(H). Though I still like that one a lot less. For its tier, it’s really not a good or fun tank, and I can’t get myself to like it even now. But now it’s just another tank in the line to get my stats up in, and then sell it. Yes… I said it.. -sell it-. And I’ll be glad to be rid of it.

It was at tier VI that I deviated from this line. I wanted to get a Maus, and started for that the moment it got into the techtree. Not because of the tank, mind you. But because of the name. A giant tank named Maus (German for Mouse, for those that don’t know). I had to have that. The tier VI VK I got (VK 30.01(P)) really isn’t a great tank either. I have a feeling I’ll dislike all the VK tanks, whatever tier or line they’re a part of. They’re never quite good enough, for anything, really.

I did quite like the Tiger (P) when I got it though. It can be quite a bully, and by the time I played this more, I knew a bit more about the game and understood the importance of cover and hull down positions and the like. The Tiger (P) isn’t that amazing a tank, but it’s not a horrible one, at the least, and it can be quite fun to play. But once I got that, and played it a bit, I left it behind again for months. It wasn’t until I had gotten all my td’s and the E5 line that I got back to this. When I decided to go for the E100 I looked at the tech tree.

I really didn’t like the thought of having to go through them VK’s again. And luckily, I didn’t have to. Through the Tiger (P), I found out, I could go to the Tiger I. This meant a great deal more grinding on tier VII, but that was okay. I only needed 7k XP more in the Tiger (P) to get the Tiger I. I went for that.

The Tiger I is a lot like the Tiger (P). A fun tank, awesome if driven well, great armour if you angle it and go hull down a little (depending on your enemies, of course), but, just like the Tiger (P), I don’t find it anything really remarkable. The grind was fun though, and I still play it and depending on what I’m tooning with, I prefer it to my, until then, main beast for tier VII, the T29. It lacks the gun depression, but it can bully a lot better.

The Tiger II, I really enjoyed. It’s basically just a better version of the Tiger I, and it’s a tier higher. It has more armour, and you can do so much with it. It is, by far, my favourite non-premium tier VIII. I really like it. The only thing against it is the speed. I’ve found I like fast, mobile, tanks, and let’s face it – this just isn’t it. But it can do a heck lot, and it can stand its ground against tier X just as easily. Preferably with some other tanks between you and them, of course, but still!

And then I go the E75. I have talked about beasts of a tank before. Well, if they were beasts, this one is a Yeti. Oh my, what a tank this is! The gun is more than epic, and doesn’t do any less than some tank destroyers at tier IX. But it has a turret, and strong armour. And the most fun part of it? It rams. It rams and people die. It gets rammed and people die. It’s epic fun. The reload of the gun is slow, to be sure, but I have such fun driving this tank. It’s easy to do a heck lot with it, and remain unscathed. I love this tank more than I do my T30, and that’s saying something.

And it’s not that much different with the E100. Where the E75 is a yeti, I think I’ll call this one the Kraken. Once released, it’s absolutely deadly. Angled well, there’s few things that can pen you, and you can bounce even prammo, if you pay attention and are a bit lucky. But, that is one reason I think this tank is useless in ICE and clan wars. Because everyone will know just how to use prammo then, and that can reduce this tank to a corpse before long.

This tank might be my favourite tier X when it comes to random battles, with or without a toon, because of the gun, the armour, and the ramming potential, which is higher than that of the E75, but serious countdowns and this tank do not go together. At least, not for me, that is. For that, I’m now slowly grinding for the IS7, since I think that that tank will be just lovely during clan wars.

Apparently, this line has taught me how to Rambo. I’ve had quite a bit of battles in the E100 where Nutty expects me to be somewhere, and then suddenly, I’ve gone off and am elsewhere. He rages, and makes me laugh over it, but maybe it is a problem. For me, it doesn’t feel like going rambo. It feels like going where I think I can do more and where I’m needed. And most of the time, it works. And most of the time, Nutty dies. Which is what causes him to rage. But really, that’s now why I do it, as much fun to hear as it is. I might just have to learn how to be a better platoon mate in the E100. I’m still getting used to how I should be driving it as it is.

Either way, this grind has been very long, and has had many ups and downs. But overall, it has been fun, and given me new favourites amongst my tanks. It’s gotten me my first earned ras. And new habits, too. I can carry well in this line, and I’m starting to learn how to sidescrape properly (finally!). And the rambo-ing, which probably makes some of my clanmates very proud. 😉

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