WOTBB 43 – Rerolls

Original date of blog: November 2nd, 2015

So, a few blogs back, I mentioned having a reroll and never have driven a single battle in it. And not really understanding rerolls, because it makes you give up your entire history in the game, just for better stats.

And I still think that. However, I have started playing in my reroll. And it’s been more fun than I thought. I like the sealclubbing, and I suppose it keeps the stats of my main account up a notch or two when it comes to average tier, though that doesn’t matter much to me, really.

When I first mentioned it, it made people very curious. They wanted to know what I had named myself. I made a competition out of it, to troll the one that kept asking me to tell him, and because it seemed like fun. I put a small prize on it too, to make it more interesting.

I made a bunch of hints, and gave a new one each day, to see if anyone would guess it. At some point, someone did. But I have a deliberate typo in the name of my reroll, so the name of that is still a mystery to everyone but one person. And I’m fairly sure he’s forgotten again. He always forgets stuff like that.

After that, I went to Vanguard’s forum, because they seemed the most likely to enjoy a guessing game, and gave them all the same hints to see if they could guess it. They still haven’t. Though there’s been some very interesting, trolling and perverted guesses over time. Every time the topic is revived by another wrong guess, I’m in stitches again.

But, I’m drifting off. As I said, I’ve started playing on the account. Sealclubbing on a professional level is good fun. I’m not allowing myself to sell a tank before I ace it (and yes, I have to sell them because of the lack of slots I have on the account. And I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it…).

I still need to pick a prem to earn credits the fast way with though, as it’s taking too long to earn equipment for my first tier IV. I just don’t want to get a tier VIII prem. That’s so standard for rerolls, and they’re boring, imo. If I had the money and did want to spend money on it all, I would have gotten the epic but way expensive Rise of Continents bundle with the Victory, because that’s such a neat little tank and earns a heck lot. But yeah, that’s something I still need to decide on.

The thing that I love about my reroll though, isn’t the stats. I’m proud of the stats I have in my own account and they’re only getting better, so that’s not why I’ve started playing it.

It’s not even to do with seeing how much better I’ve become. I can see that through Blitzstars and I see it by the average damage I have in my newest tanks on my main account. I’m getting better each day, and with each tank, I’m amazed at the things I seem to be able to do in it. But I no longer think it’s just the tank, seeing as I do the same things in my other tanks now. So it has to be me that’s growing. So that too, isn’t why I’m driving it.

The reason I enjoy my reroll… is the silence. I’m completely anonymous in it. No one knows who I am. And because of that typo, I’m fairly sure no one ever will, unless I choose to reveal it. And the silence can be such a blessing at times.

My main account has over 400 people in my list. Almost all of them are in clans, and almost all of them are people I like, respect and meet in ICE. And in my own way, I care about each and everyone and I love having them there.

But there’s always people chatting with me, always people asking me for toons, advice on tanks, just sending a greeting. And I love that. But sometimes, it’s not what I need at that moment. So then I go to my reroll and sealclub.

I have no people on my list there. I don’t visit the general chat of the game. The most messages I send is me telling people in my best sarcasm that they were totally right, I noobed all over the place. Or telling them that I’m reporting the rudeness. And then I remove them, and the list is empty again.

In a way, the silence is deafening. I don’t survive on there for very long either, before I miss all the contacts and friends I have in the game and so I go back to my own account and happily chat with them. It’s an entirely different side of the game for me.

And between my main account and my reroll, I find I’ve found balance now. When I need just-me time, I reroll. When I’m feeling social, I go to my main account and platoon. It’s a solution to a problem I didn’t know I had.

I don’t need to apologise for not wanting to toon at that moment in time, because I simply wouldn’t be on there. I always feel guilty when I tell someone ‘no’, but could, in fact, toon with them. Heck, I feel guilty when I tell them no because I’m actually in a toon.

There is almost no one on my list that I wouldn’t toon with. They’re amazing, fun and friendly people. Whether they have the stats for it or not, they’re all unicorns to me. And those I wouldn’t toon with, don’t talk to me anyway, so no problem there =)

But when I feel mopy, can’t really platoon, or just don’t feel social, don’t want to toon or talk, my reroll offers me an amazing guiltless escape. And it feels kind of fun to have to earn everything again. I’m still unsure what line to go down, so I’m mostly just messing around in tier I and III. I want to get them all over a hundred games and see where in the lists I’d end up, if anywhere at all, since I don’t intend to get myself on wotbstars or blitzstars. So the listing would just be in my mind, lol.

I wonder how long it will take before I get an invite into a clan. That’ll probably crack me up to no end, if it’s a clan I know.

Fun fact though… 5k games into my main account, I was given a Ras during an event. 10k games into it, I earned my own. Friday, I got a third. And Saturday, I got one in my reroll – less than 70 games into it at the time. I’m feeling pretty darn good about that ^_^

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