WOTBB 41 – The Raseiniai

Original date of blog: October 8, 2015

Throughout the months, I’ve mentioned this medal several times, how I still hunt for it and everything. Technically, I already had one, but that was given to me during an event, and though I really appreciated it, I’ve always felt like it wasn’t deserved. So, despite the thing being there in my stats, I still felt like I had none.

I’ve gotten close a number of times, gotten a lot of kills in a match, but never seven. Over time, I’ve let the hunt go. I started to care more about damage than kills, and didn’t mind giving kills away. It’s one of the reasons Filip has gotten so many Raseiniai’s while I was tooning with him. He always takes my kills when we toon. He still does a lot of damage, so it’s not really kill-stealing, but I know he does it on purpose all the same. He’s gotten around 20 or so while platooning with me, I think. He’s a Ras-hoarder. He has 68 of them now. And just yesterday, I gave Dimi one too. Awesome games, all, fun to be a part of, and I really don’t mind them getting them instead of me. I’m happy to help them get them =)

When I started driving the Pz.IIIA again, to get my stats up, I wasn’t expecting anything. It was my first tier III way back when, and it shows. The stats are horrible. When I dusted it off, it had around 60 games in it, and a winrate of 31%. All black and red data on wotbstars, and because of the number of battles in it, I knew it would take the most work to get some decent stats on of all my tanks.

So I set out to do just that. The tank is fast and light, and therefore it dies very quickly. I doubt I will ever really like this tank. I like the speed, but I dislike the fact that even while sealclubbing, you can die very quickly and still lose a lot, even though I do a lot of damage with it now. It just dies so very very easily.As it is, I really just want to get those stats up and forget all about it. But, after last Monday, I know I will never be able to forget this tank ever again.

It was Monday evening, and I’d just had dinner (Brussel sprouts with spaghetti sauce, yum ❤ ). I was sitting on the couch, cross-legged, iPad on my lap. I had my earphones in, music on shuffle while playing. Just wanting to derp a few games before I went off to bed, get those ratings in the Pz.IIIA up a little.

The battle started just like any other sealclubbing match. The map was Mines, we started on the North side, and having only tier II and III tanks in the match meant everyone was going just about everywhere but where they needed to go – the hill. But, considering my little tank was fast and the fact that I feel brave being top tier with my tier III tank, I just went hill anyway.

Considering the fact I was alone there, I did not feel particularly happy when a T26 and an M2 Medium showed up on my radar just as I drove through the fences and turned around to peek. Until I noticed the fact that the T26 drove straight into the rock and just kept driving into it. Shooting him made the M2 Medium pause, which meant that while killing off that little T26, no one even fired at me.

I drove closer to the opening in the hills and peeked out, shooting at the M2 Medium and pulling back to let him fire and miss, then shoot him again. At this point, I got shot at – but not by the M2 Medium. Campers at Red Base. Oh joy.

At around this point, my team was finally arriving at their intended positions and some had turned around when I spotted the T26 and came to the hill after all. They, of course, started capping. This had the desired effect for me, as more enemies came towards the hill, and I went back to playing peekaboom, taking a little damage while doing loads of damage myself.

I killed off the M2 Medium from before, while our campers at the lighthouse softened up a Medium III’s a little so I could kill him off too. One of our own was still trying to flank in his wee little TD, but halfway around the hill, he decided to go back and try something else. Not entirely sure what.

The Tetrarch appeared at this point and went for the base, to reset the cap. Seeing as this was exactly what I wanted, I let him, then killed him after he killed the capper. This made kill 4.

Of the three remaining enemies, I knew where they were. One was camping at Red Base, the other two had moved behind a house when they became one-shots. I drove back into the middle off the hill and drove down towards the red base from there, arriving behind the BT2 and Medium III. Killed the BT2, then hid behind the building they had been using for cover as I reloaded, and shot the Medium III, earning me the Reaper medal.

It was at this point that I realised – holy cow! I have 6 kills! Could this be….? Neh.. Never going to happen.. Or mayb..? Could it..? I wasn’t scared about facing the camper. I knew where he was and I still had half my health left. If he had known how to use HE, he would have used it shooting at me before, so I wasn’t afraid about that.

I was, however, scared to death about the four teammates I still had left. The UC 2-pdr had stopped moving near our base – the same one that stopped halfway through flanking. Our M2 Medium had decided that it was a good idea to return to our base, having been at the cap circle until the Tetrarch appeared there. Maybe he and the UC 2-pdr had a date or something. Romance happens in the strangest places, so why not between two widdle tanks, ey?

My fear wasn’t directed at them, but at the Pz.35(t) and T18 camping at the lighthouse, because chances were that if I spotted the camping M2 Medium, they would be shooting and I’d miss out on the kill. But doing nothing wasn’t an option either. I drove up towards him, and sure enough, he was there, about half of his health left.

I shot him, and he slowly turned towards me. I wasn’t entirely sure whether or not our campers could hit him, but now he had his butt towards them, so if they could, that would be horrible. I activated my adrenaline, crossing my fingers (metaphorically, because literally would have made for difficult tanking) that they’d not do enough damage to kill him off.

He fired, damaged me. But he wasn’t getting damaged from the other two. So I fired again, and again, then took another hit myself. The entire situation felt totally unreal to me. I had never gotten to this point, and I was still very sure that -now- the two noobs at the lighthouse would fire and steal the kill. Those thoughts crossed my mind as I stared at the reload circle of my fire button. Then I fired again and killed him.

I will not lie. I squealed. Out loud. Stared in blatant disbelief as the battle results loaded. Pointed at my screen and managed a high pitched ‘oh my gawd’, scaring my cat, and hastily screenshotted the results, as if the game might decide to go ‘no, that didn’t happen’ and delete them somehow. I then proceeded in spamming them just about everywhere. Skype, whatsapp, imessage, Facebook, in all the Blitz-group chats I’m a part of. I couldn’t not share it.

I finally, -finally- have a Ras that I earned. It still feels weird to me, so see that ‘2’ there in my stats-screen. I’m beyond the point that I believe I’ll wake up and will have dreamed it all now though. Mostly because it’s now Thursday and it’s -still- there.

Talking about spamming them results.. Here you go =D


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