WOTBB 39 – The Light Heavy Grind

Original date of blog: September 17th, 2015

Time to blog about a line of tanks again, since I got my fifth tier X last week. And my first non-td tier X at that. The line starts with the T1 Cunningham. I only mention it because after 5 games, I have a survival rate of 20% in it, but a 100% winrate. Which cracks me up, to be honest.
This is the first line of tanks where I feel I have something to say about each and every one of the tanks. That might have to do with several things, really. One of which is the fact that I’ve been avoiding the low tiers for the most part until about two months ago, and I’m now a much better player and can handle the changes in play-style between the low and high tiers better.

The T2 medium is a fun little tank as well. Nothing too special, but between all my tier II’s, it’s definitely one of my favourites. It’s decent enough, and mobile enough, for any map and any position or line.

And then I got the M2 Medium. Omg, I love this tank. It’s powerful, it’s mobile, reasonably bouncy and if you have a bit of cannonfodder with you, you can do absolutely amazing things. I’ve had such wonderful games in this, and held the Hall of Fame position with it for quite a while! I was so proud of that. But Lizard stole that from me =( Bastard. (Kidding, he deserves it. He had an absolutely epic battle by the looks of it =) )

When I got to the M3 Lee, I realised this lines had it’s ups (M2 Medium) and it’s downs (M3 Lee). Dear lawd that tank sucks. It’s pretty slow, and it’s turret-less. Now, being a td-specialist (yes, I will continue to call myself that even if I don’t have the stats to back it up properly), I should be used to that, but the M3 Lee is not a td. It’s got a lot of height, and doesn’t have that much armour, doesn’t do that much damage, and is basically just a very big target for the enemy to shoot at. I really did not like it. Might dislike it more than I did the Jackson, if not as much as I hate the T95.

With the M3 Lee in the back of my mind, I got the T1 Heavy with a sour taste in my mouth. But that very quickly changed. The T1 Heavy might just be my favourite tank of all. The thing is an Ace-magnet for me. I’ve had 72 matches in it so far, and at least 15 of those have been Ace-matches, and even more have been First class-games. I’m not sure how I do it, but I do it, somehow. I solo this tank for the most part, and as such, I’m a unicorn that farts rainbows in it according to wotbstars.

For its tier, it’s decently armoured, and though the gun isn’t all that powerful, it has a good rate of fire, meaning you can do plenty of damage during a battle. Then there’s the fact that the penetration it has is more than decent, especially with APCR, so meeting tier VII usually isn’t a problem either. It’s only a problem if those tier VII’s are targeting you, really, because they can pen you all too easily. But I absolutely adore this little tank.

So much so that my current Phoenix signature actually has the T1 heavy in it. I say current, because Nico actually made me three, because I gave him three images because I couldn’t decide on a favourite tank, bless him ❤ (For the nosy people amongst us, the others show the Object 704 and the T110E4) Going to change them with the seasons, most likely.

For tier VI, you get the M6. Which was meh. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. It’s pretty mobile, but it’s basically the T1 Heavy at tier VI – with the problem that you actually meet tier VIII in it too. I didn’t do bad in this tank, to be certain, but it’s definitely not my favourite tier VI. Upto and including tier V, I had pretty much solo’d this line (which, considering my platoon rate is about 80% is quite saying something). That ended with the M6 – I needed help getting through that. But eventually, I did get through it, and got the T29.

The T29 is a little monster. The funny thing is, I don’t really like it, but I’m really good in in. I drive it much like I do the T1 Heavy, and that works really well. Not Ace-well, but First Class-well. I’m not sure why I don’t like it. Maybe because aside from the turret, everyone seems to be able to pen you without too much trouble. At the same time, it’s quite easy to wiggle and make them bounce, and when you’re proper hull-down and only show them your diamond-crested turret, everything bounces, even most APCR shots. Of course, according to the people that I meet in battle, that makes me a noob and slash or a hacker. Which means I’m doing something right, at least.

When I got to the T32, I had very mixed feelings. I like the tank. I really like the tank. But against tier IX and X it’s fairly useless. The pen of the gun (which you don’t get an upgrade for in this tier) is about as effective as throwing an orange at a concrete wall and hoping it’ll pen. Even with APCR, it doesn’t do that much, and the higher the tier, the bigger the problems. You absolutely can’t come face to face with a tier IX or X tank one on one and survive.

The armour is light enough, and even tier VI can pen you in a lot of places, but them, you’ll at least kill before they kill you in turn. So I did the only sensible thing – I skipped it. I do plan on revisiting this one though, as it really is a fun, if light, tank. Maybe only load gold in it and play it when I have about 10mil worth in credits. And always with a toonmate that can carry the high tier matches. Of course, it’s mixed reasons – on one side, I could tell the grind was going to be hell, on the other hand, I really wanted the M103.

The M103 was one of the first tanks I wanted in the game – because I platooned with it a lot. Me in the Jagdtiger, Juliean95 in the M103. We rocked the game together, and it was awesome. So I was really looking forwards to having it, and had crossed my fingers, hoping that I’d indeed love it, and that I’d be remotely as good in it as Juliean95 at the time. After all, we all know what happened when I looked forwards to the T95 >.> But I was not disappointed, on either front.

For a heavy, the M103 seems pretty light to me, both in armour and in mobility. It’s just lovely. It has some weaknesses on the turret, but as long as you shake your head no to the enemy shooting at you, most of the time, they will listen to you or bounce on you. The head looks like a big giant alien-head, which has earned this tank the nickname the Alien (not by me, to be sure, but it fits very well).

You can support the heavies with it, flank with the mediums, scout like a medium when your team has no mediums, whatever you fancy. This is an all-rounder tank, and it is just marvellous. I had the same thing in this tank that I had with the T29 – I always feel like I didn’t do that much during a battle, and then turn out to have done massive damage. Which equals to between 2k and 3k damage in the T29, around and above 4k in the M103. So I always feel impressed with the battle results after driving either of these two. It’s a nice feeling.

When the new update came out last week, I had the option to either grind the last 40k xp I needed to get the T110E5, or focus on the new line. Tempting though the latter was, I try to make it a personal rule of sorts to only grind one line at a time – it keeps me focused. So though I got to tier IV on the new td line, I managed to control myself there and finish the grind.

Last Friday, I got the T110E5. My first non-td tier X. Which felt quite weird because there’s another td out there and I don’t have it. My fingers are itching to get it. But the E5… Oh My. I love it. Absolutely adore it. It really basically is the M103 but a tier higher. It feels a bit stronger than the M103, but not by much.

But just like the tier IX, it’s decent, it’s mobile and does proper damage. It doesn’t feel like it does a lot of damage per shot, considering I’m used to them big guns shooting their loads, but it does enough, and the rate of fire is much better.

I am loving it. I still love the E4 more, but I mostly drive this now because it has more options on the maps, in the teams. At the moment, it’s my second best tier X – the E3 wins, by a margin, but I think that most has to do with the fact that I solo in the E5 too. Yes, I dare solo at tier X. And it’s not even going too badly.

Overall, this line of tanks is marvellous, and aside from M3 Lee, I want to keep them all. They’re mobile, diverse, and can effectively platoon with any type of tank. They’re also good in platoon with the same tank – which is something that’s not the case with td’s. My next line will likely be the British td’s. Because td’s. But after that? Who knows. I love the turreted tanks, it appears. I must have more of them. And maybe I’ll be naughty, and take a med-line first.

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