WOTBB 33 – Cupid’s line

Original date of blog: July 7th, 2015

So I recently got my fourth tier X, and with it, the ability the blog about that whole line. Or most of it anyway =) I originally started this line just because they were TD’s, not because I wanted to have the tanks. And I’m so glad I did.

The line starts at tier IV, having the same tanks before then as the E3-line. This was also my first real experience with turreted tanks, since the only turreted tanks I’d driven before were in my noob days – and the Wolverine (which was pretty fun) and the Jackson (which I hated). So I had no high expectations for this line whatsoever, just felt I had to do it to complete my TD-collection (I even bought back the T95 when it was on sale, for the collection).

At tier IV, you get the M8A1. It’s quite fast, and I noticed that it dies very easily. But if you platoon it with another M8A1, the enemy often becomes lost and has no idea which of you to hit, so you kill them before they come to their senses. My stats in it aren’t the best, because I had no idea how to drive it, but the grind was short and fun all the same.

Next, I got the T49. The toon-mate I was with was grinding tier VI though, so after just a few battles, I skipped it. I later revisited it, and it’s such a fun little tank. Completely adorable. It’s fast, it’s tiny. I’d call it the Flea, but Wargaming already gave that title to the E25, so I’m going with Mosquito instead. It hits you before you see it, and though the gun doesn’t do much, it draws blood, and once it’s done that enough, you die all the same.

And then came the M18 Hellcat. Praise be to Cojo, what an amazing little tank that is. It’s heck fast, and whatever tank you meet can pen you, most of them with HE at that, but it’s so much fun. It’s deadly. A true Hellcat, with proper claws to match. Perfect for peek-a-booming, or for platooning with a medium.

I drove this tank a lot with Pig, in his T34-85-Victory. It’s a perfect match. He’d gain their attention and would bounce a lot of their shots, and I’d do massive damage, staying a little bit behind. I confess, I didn’t survive all of them – Hellcat is a one or two shot for most tanks, so one mistake will cost you dearly. But Pig did carry me amazingly those games.

After the grind for the T25/2 I continued to play this tank to get to 100 games because I could see that my ratings in it were, even if I say so myself, quite amazing. And at 100 games, my winrate in it was a whopping 84% and put me first in it on the European server. And not only that – a little examination of the tank on other servers has shown me – I’m first. In. The. World. I can now never drive that tank again, and I’m eternally grateful for Pig’s help in getting to that amazing position.

When I got the T25/2, it felt like it was rather slow, especially after the Hellcat, but it’s still very fast. Just like with the Mosquito and the Kitty, it can die very easily, but just like the Hellcat, it’s an ultimate peek-a-boomer, and the grind was just lovely. It’s more difficult to master though, because anything can pen you anywhere, and since you’ll also meet tier IX in this tank, the gameplay you encounter is different, more serious, and the damage people do is more severe. It’s basically a slower Hellcat in a higher tier, and the same tactics apply, only you have to keep in mind not to drive it like a Medium completely, which you -can- do with the Hellcat.

Then came the T28 Prototype. After the first two games, I was so worried, I facebooked about it. It’s so heck slow. Especially after the fast tanks before it, speed seems to be completely absent. I was afraid I would have to free XP my way past it. But then I got used to it, and remembered that it has a turret. The armour is much better than that of its predecessors in the line, and it bounces quite a lot.

The lack of speed is compensated by the gun which does decent damage, and the rate of fire is very decent. Once I stopped expected it to be like the T25/2, I fell in love with it. It’s not uncommon to have 3k damage games in it, and I’ve even had a few 4k damage games with it. It’s awesome, even with the lack of speed. My average damage in this tank is the highest I have in tier VIII, at 1,955.

And then I arrived at the T30. That’s the tank I’d been looking forwards to the most as I grinded, because the gun is so awesome. For a tier IX, it makes very big booms. And oh baby, I think I found my soulmate. This has got to be my favourite tank. I like it even better than the Object 704. It’s strong, it does -massive- damage.

I’m calling it the Wasp. It’s not incredibly fast, but it stings like a b*tch and it is frigging awesome (I’ve always been a fan of bugs – I have a ladybug-tattoo on my shoulder, for one). The turret makes it hard to flank, and without even feeling like I’m doing amazing in it, my winrate in it is 75%, my average damage 2,390. That in my Object 704 is only 40 points higher, while I’ve had 366 more battles in the 704. So it’s looking to be my most awesomest tank yet. And yes, that’s bad English on purpose.

But as I continued the grind of this line, I’ve gotten more and more worried. After all, I completely adored all the tanks so far, and that was strange on its own, as there’s always been a tank I’ve not liked in a line, or at least, didn’t love. And with every tank in this one being a complete success, when I was only missing the E4, that worried me a lot.

I didn’t want to think of what could happen if I finally got my fourth tier X and I’d hate it. Because the stories I had heard about the E4 weren’t exactly getting me excited about getting the tank. And the ones I’ve encountered didn’t exactly thrill me either. They seemed quite easy to kill. So I was dreading getting the needed XP for it, and the needed credits.

The credits, I got by getting myself the T34. Oh boy. Just.. love. It’s like a tier VIII version of the T30, with a less big gun, but an equally amazing tank. They drive virtually the same for me. And it earns credits like no tomorrow.

Last week, the day finally arrived. I got the E4. And after entering a few battles, I didn’t know what to think. In hindsight, the depressing opinions my clan-members have on it, severely dampened my excitement, and I can now see that I felt that I shouldn’t enjoy driving it. But I do. I love.

It’s a very different tank, again, and it will teach me a whole new tanking style again, like all my tier X’s have taught me. So my ratings in it aren’t that amazing yet. But my average damage in it is 2,408, and considering I’m still dying pretty easily in it, I’m quite proud of that. I’m slowly, but steadily, learning how to drive it.

One thing I have found is that the E4 is a support tank. Either it gives that support or it needs that support, but there has to be a role of support somewhere. And then it functions amazingly well.

In conclusion, this line has blown me away, basically. I love every single tank in this line. No part of me expected that.

Once I had the E4, I screenshotted my techtrees, showing I had all the TD-lines fully and completely. I shared that everywhere (got called a hacker for it, and most people reacted to the fact that I had 40 tanks more than to the fact that they were all TD’s, lol). Then immediately sold the T95 once more. My garage is untainted again now ^_^

I’m definitely keeping all the E4-line tanks though. They’re too much fun. ❤

Battles fought: 7,671
Winrate: 64.49%
Average damage: 1,588

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