WOTBB 18 – The Effect of Drama

Original date of blog: March 31st, 2015

In the end, I did react, though not in the topic the drama was in. Discussing things with Chimp, we figured it was important that we would introduce our Clan to the world. I wrote up a page-long post to explain who we were, how we came to be, and what we were like. And, in reaction to the drama, I added in that only one side of things was highlighted there, but that we, as a Clan, had chosen to let things go. It had some positive reactions, despite some people questioning the fact that I described Chimp as a laid back guy.

I twitched a little when Ratel went and posted that my introduction was better than the one Chimp wrote, but I refrained from mentioning that was never an introduction, but a reaction from LOCA to his Clan, and it was only the first thing the forum saw of us, because Ratel felt inclined to post it up like that. The drama thread itself, by the way, has been closed and removed – it completely derailed at some point, leading to discussions about WWII and such, which apparently is against forum policy. I’m glad the thread is gone, even if I disagree with the lack of freedom of speech removing it shows.

So after the positive reactions and the somewhat snippy comments of some people on the introduction I made for LOCA, I felt things were finally going to calm down. Then Chimp came along, rampaging through the thread about as subtly as an elephant in a porcelain cabinet, ruining everything I’d been working for. At that moment in time, all I could do was look at my screen, point at it and go “Why would you do that?!”, but, of course, my screen never replied. I took heart in the fact that people seemed to understand I was on a different page than Chimp. And as much as they seemed to dislike him, they seemed to like me. And Mouse, too. Multiple people have been trying to steal him right from under our noses. But they’re not getting our Mouse! ❤

But, after that last explosion from Chimp, things have gotten really interesting. I have added people in game to my friends list (on the forum too), and they have added me in turn. Amongst them both Ratel and Badger. The same Ratel that removed me before, because I asked about his gender. And he explained that when he was asked that question, he reckoned it would lead to trolling, which was why he felt he had to remove me again. He even stated that it had nothing to do with me being a part of LOCA. That reaction was actually a lot more mature than anything I had seen of him so far (though that was never in directly between me and him).

My opinion of him has shifted even more since I posted up a list of our members on the main Blitz forum. He told me to remove one of them, because that one was in his clan. I hadn’t heard about that, so I asked the guy about it and got it confirmed (very politely too, I might add). So I rectified the list.

And nearly fell off my chair when Ratel contacted me that evening to apologise for the mishap. We cleared the air about that too. I’m definitely not sure about his intentions. At least, not regarding LOCA. Towards me, he seems quite polite, if very, very, -very- serious. He doesn’t seem to be the kind for small talk, which makes it hard to get to know him better. It’s a bit like walking on glass-shards while wearing a blindfold. I’m treading very carefully, and don’t want to get cut, but I’m not sure the glass will ever get cleaned up, or whether a flailing hand of mine might accidentally slap him in his face.

I’ve even had some contact with Badger after I posted up the introduction. That contact was a lot less tense than with Ratel, but there’s no doubt in my mind who leads that clan. I have one other clan leader in my list at the moment, and him I know to be a very nice guy. Never platooned with him yet, but I’ve played against him, and he plays with some of our clan members. Most of the people from other clans that I have on my list play with members of our Clan too. And that’s how I like it. As far as I’m concerned, LOCA has no enemies. But when push comes to shove, we are LOCA, and LOCA we stay, and LOCA has LOCA’s back.

I’m very fond of everyone in our Clan. They’re all such fun guys, make me laugh all the time, some more than others. And when something is wrong with someone, and I worry or and fuss over it, they let me. It’s nice. Of course, they also manage to tick me off from time to time, but those times are few and far between.

The loyalty I’ve witnessed within our clan is heartwarming. Since the drama thread was created, the Clan has gotten tighter, closer than we were before. Members that weren’t that active before, are active now, and I love that. It’s all fun and games, and usually nothing is taken very seriously. And I just absolutely adore motherhenning them all.

Battles fought: 5,085
Winrate: 60.94%

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