WOTBB 10 – Campers and Snipers

There are four different kinds of tanks in World of Tanks Blitz; light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers. By default, the last two are well… heavy, and slow. With the extra difficulty for the tank destroyers that they have to be pointed at their targets. Heavies at least have turrets that allow them to shoot in a different direction than they’re moving. Lights and mediums are a lot faster, but have a lot less armour, meaning they die that much more quickly when they do get hit.

As I mentioned before, I am a tank destroyer kind of girl, so I drive mostly slow and heavy tanks (at least, in the higher tiers). A good TD-driver always hangs back a little and finds a position from which they can do loads of damage. This can be right behind the front line or way more back. The goal is to find a position and location where you will not get noticed very quickly, but from where you have the widest view of the map so you can support your team well.

Usually, TD-guns reload very slowly, but they are the most powerful. If you’re face to face with a tank whose gun reloads a lot faster, you could be dead before you can fire another round. This is why sniping can sometimes be a very good thing to do. Not to mention the fact that you can easily carry your team to victory if you manage to stay hidden the entire time. Because, let’s face it, if you get spotted, you’re in a position where you can shoot at everyone – and everyone can shoot at you.

But, especially when you’ve just gotten a tank and they are epically slow both in driving and in turning, and you haven’t gotten the top gun yet so you can’t even defend yourself properly, it is worth the risk. The same goes for the heavy tanks. They are not supposed to snipe, no, but again, depending on the terrain and on the team, I can forgive them for not just driving into battle. Especially if I’m the only TD there. It can be a lot of fun when the lighter vehicles spot an enemy, and BOOM – they’re dead, just from your gun and one or two others that are sniping alongside you.

Then came the current influx of noobs, and sniping lost its charm. And its name. These noobs have brought along a new word: camping. These are the guys that just all sit in one spot, and do absolutely nothing. Yes, sometimes they even shoot, but when they’re light and medium tanks, it has nada effect on the enemy. Even worse is when of the seven people in your team (yourself included), five, or more, are just sitting near the base you started at and watch you drive into the fray and get killed.

These are the teams that get absolutely slaughtered, no matter how good you and the one or two other players are that do go to battle. They wreck your winrate, if you’re not exceptionally good and can take on practically all enemies on your own. If you’re lucky, the enemy team will have just as many noobs in it as yours, standing still in one place and making themselves useless, and then you stand a chance. But it just isn’t right that I, as a tank destroyer, have to drive at the front line, heck, have to -be- the front line, to be able to even get a chance to maybe win the battle without proper backup.

But the most annoying bit of these campers is that they have zero common sense. I know that common sense is rare to begin with (never understood why they named it ‘common’… ), but if the enemy is capturing the base, and you’re a healthy tank of whatever type – what on Earth keeps you grounded at your camping spot instead of at least -trying- to win the battle, or at least -try- and stop the enemy from capturing the base.

I’m thinking it’s the evolved version of the zombie-virus from my previous entry. At some point, they don’t drive around as noobs anymore, they just become completely braindead. They’re probably drooling all over their tablets too and go like ‘duhhhhhwhydidaloos, lul’. And they would be genuinely confused at the loss too. That’s the most worrisome part of all. The lack of understanding that if you do nothing, nothing happens.

There apparently is a mod on the PC-version of the game that lets you see usernames in a specific colour, which links to that person’s winrate and personal rating. I would absolutely love to have that in Blitz, because then I would know what kind of team I’d be in, and what kind of team I’d be facing, so I would know whether I’m doomed from the start and have to do everything myself, or if I have a team I can build on (at least partly).

These last few days, I’ve been looking at the profiles of all players in a battle, just to see what kind of players they were. The results shocked me. Most players had winrates below 50%, making them below average players, or at least, what used to be below average. I rather much fear the fact that winrates between 45% and 49% are average now. This means that my own winrate of near 58% makes me an excellent player instead of just a good player, but that doesn’t comfort me in the least.

The higher winrates that I did see in those results were at the most 53%. I checked out that guy’s tanks in detail, because that just didn’t seem right. He drove a Monster, like I did that battle, and he was such a noob in it, making all the mistakes I wouldn’t make (at least, not any longer), I couldn’t believe that was an accurate winrate for him. My intuition turned out to be correct. His winrate in the higher tier tanks (VII and up) were often between 30% and 40%, with a few exceptions of 45%. His 53% overall winrate came from his battles in tiers II and III.

And that is just one example of how bad it’s all become.

In a nutshell:

  • if you’re a tank destroyer, go and snipe if the battle and the terrain call for it
  • if you’re a heavy tank, think really hard before doing so, but keep in mind that sometimes, just sometimes, it can be the right choice (note; only if there is only one or no tank destroyer at all in your team)
  • if you’re a medium or a light tank, get your frigging arses moving and drive around, spot, flank, anything as long as you don’t stand still. If you want to snipe, then go for a tank destroyer line. If not, then de-install the game right now and make all the other tankers happy with your departure, letting them have one less zombie to worry about.

Battles fought: 3,509
Winrate: 57.88%

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