WOTBB 1 – Introduction

Original date of blog: December 4th, 2015

Hello, and welcome to my World of Tanks Blitz Blog, or in short, the WTBB. I’ll be updating this at least once a week, and more often should more material arise in the mean time (which, sometimes, it does). I have restarted writing this several times, never sure how I wanted to begin this. It started as an article about being a female player in WoTB and how that changed things, then turned into a massive blog about WoTB in full, but as I found more and more stuff to add in, I decided it would be better to just write smaller pieces and take it one step at a time. I’m still figuring how exactly I want this thing to work, so please bear with me =)

The game is, as the title suggests, all about tanks. There are literally no other creatures or moving things you run into while playing (though I believe there is a circling bird in one or two of the maps). The tanks go from tier (level) I to tier X. You have three nations to develop tanks in; the USSR, Germany and USA, and, as of today, a line of British tanks as well. You start with a tier I tank of each, from which you can develop several tier II tanks, that each lead to specific lines of tanks (light, medium, heavy or tank destroyer). They each have their own pro’s and cons, and you learn those quickly, whether they belong to the tank you’re driving, or to your enemies or team mates. Depending on where your own talents lie, you will either rock the game, or get pwnd by it, depending on your choice of tank.

You can also buy premium tanks for a lot of gold (gold equals real money). Premium tanks need no upgrading, have better armour and earn you more money as you play them. They are available for tiers II to VIII, costing more the higher tier you get. They don’t state it is a premium tank when you enter a battle, so you have to identify a premium tank yourself by knowing their names. And you will want to do that, because any n00b with money can own one – when they go somewhere, you might not want to follow them just because they’re tier VIII and you’re tier VI, as you can well end up dead because they haven’t the foggiest idea what it is they are doing. We call these people wallet-warriors.

Assuming you will earn your tanks the old fashioned way, you will need to start driving. With each battle, you get experience – for the tank you are driving specifically. A very small portion, about 5% of it, you get as ‘free experience’ (FXP). The XP you earn with the tank, you can use to upgrade parts of your tank (think tracks, engine, turret, gun) or to research the tank that is next in line. The FXP you can use on any tank you want. As of today, you also get Crew XP (CXP) that you can use to train your crew. When you get a tank, you get the crew at 50%. You can spend coins getting them to 75% (definitely something to do when you get to the VII+ tiers), or gold to get them to 100% right away.

Now, you can specialise training for your crew once you get to that 100% with the CXP you gain through battling. There are different options for each type of tank you drive, and you can choose several different skills that will fit your tanking style. You can level these up further as you get more CXP, gaining more mastery in the skill, as it were. The developers took into account that players have been accumulating XP since the beginning of the game though, and they have converted your overall battle experience into an amount of CXP that fits it that the players that have been playing for some time can implement right away (meaning that my Sniper-skill is now at level 3, for instance).

All the tier I through III tanks are pretty light. They are fast and agile and are clearly meant for you to get a taste of the game. Nothing is very serious yet. When you get to tier IV you start to notice that it will take longer and longer to get your parts and the next tank in line. When it’s the first line of tanks you are getting, you will probably happily insert all the FXP you’ve got into whatever tank you’ve just gotten. No one will blame you, but you will definitely regret doing that (I know I did…). It is something you will want to save up for when you get to tiers VIII and IX, because you will need it then. The parts on those two tiers take forever to get, and the tanks really suck when you first get them, so you will want to upgrade them quickly. I was very close to actually quitting the game when I kept dying and dying and dying in my first tier VIII tank. They are usually awesome to drive once they’re upgraded fully though, and then it’s not too bad that it takes forever to get enough XP for the next tank in line.

The game has tanks in all shapes and sizes, that each look different and each look like how the real tank looks, or would look, as some have only been thought up and never developed. They’re all a brownish or greyish kind of colour, nothing that makes them stand out. As you tier up, they get bigger and more imposing. Most tier X tanks look like true beasts, and they have guns to match that title. Once you get to that level, there’s no more upgrading to do – a tier X tank doesn’t have any other parts that you can get for it and what you drive is what you get, whether you like it or not (if not, I suggest you start developing a different tank-line).

I will be highlighting some of my tanks in later entries, my favourites, my preciousssss, and give them a much more detailed description, with their pro’s and cons and why I love them so much. They will involve very little light and medium tanks, as I prefer the heavier ones, and especially the tank destroyers. I don’t mind losing some agility and speed when I get lots of power in return, along with the noise when I fire my gun. The bigger and heavier the gun, the more awesome it sounds. I suppose I’m a player that likes big guns. Wink.

Battles fought: 2,531
Winrate: 55.16%


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